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So...I just got home from Housekeeping Training (yes, I have Housekeeping Training...seeing used condoms inside random hotel rooms really makes you want to go....ugh). Because of that and other school shit here and there (damn it, college), I have no time to really make things to submit in this site... :(

Let me do something stupid: answer random questions that came from my head

(I'm gonna look like a fame-seeker now)

1. Do you like the course you took in college?

-Kinda? I guess I do. Hotel and Restaurant Management is kind of fun though I'm still thinking about taking Education since it really is/was my dream to become a teacher.

2. Wait...Housekeeping Training?

-Its like I'm a real housekeeper except I don't get salary since its training and stuff...its mandatory since its school-related.

3. You really don't have time for dA?

-For making art, no. For checking my inbox, looking for stuff, etc, yeah since it takes me like...only a few minutes or so before I do something else.

4. You still working on that Hoenn remake thing?

-Nah, decided to stop. Also, Gamefreak officially announced the development of remakes of the Ruby and Sapphire versions of Pokemon so I really don't need to do that remake thing.

5. How's your lovelife?

-...I'm still stuck with my fantasies. NEXT QUESTION, PLEASE.......PLEASE.

6. *An American asks* What the fuck? You don't have a lovelife? Even experience?

-I'm not like other people who thinks its that important to have one. I'm 17 years old, lots of things will come in my life if I set things right. Also, I tried wooing two didn't work since the first one had a deal with her dad: No boyfriends until college is done. The second one has a "special someone waiting."

7. Are you racist?

-Let's say 15% since I usually don't judge people by their race.

8. This question thing is shitty.

-That's not even a question. NEXT!


-Illuminati? Get the heck out of here with that bullshit. Its kind of funny to think that people actually believe in that conspiracy thing. Then again....America. Ugh. Good thing I'm in Southeast Asia.

10. Why are you bisexual?

-I have no idea. Must be related to that bullying thing that happened to me in high school that left me mentally unstable and homosexual (yeah, I started being a complete gay and tried to convert worked by 50%).

11. Aren't you afraid of giving such information in public websites like this?

-Nah, I'm not some senator or actor or anything. Also, its not like my information would change the world. LOOK AT ME, I'M A BISEXUAL! -_- Ugh.

12. You really have nothing else to do?

-I'm making up questions in my head and answering them myself...WHAT DO YOU THINK?

13. This is boring. Ease my boredom?




Ryan...*insert surname here*
16 years old, Philippine-born, male, etc.

I randomly do stuff.

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